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What to do with 24 hours in Cincinnati

What to do with 24 hours in Cincinnati?
In May I will have 24 - 48 hours to kill while waiting for a flight home from Cincinnati. I will have a car. What are the best things to see and do within 30 miles of Cincinnati ? I like the outdoors, hiking, sight-seeing. Dislike cities.
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never been there
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There is a very cool museum center at Union Station. It houses three different museums and an IMAX theater (The Cincinnati Museum Center.) Their zoo is okay; nothing spectacular but a good chance for a walk. There are riverboats you can ride down the Ohio River on. On the other side of the river in Newport, Ky, there is the Newport Aquarium- also a very nice place. I would recommend the Aquarium or The Museum Center.
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Drive up to Mt. Adams and walk around. It's a quaint area, artsy-ish and overlooks the city. There are restaurants, shops, a park. The Aquarium in Newport is great. Or go place some bets at the horse track.
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There is also the new Underground Railroad museum in Cincy, right next to Paul Brown Stadium. There are also hiking trails in Hocking Hills, a suburb of Cincy. However, the Cincy airport is actually in Kentucky. So you may want to look at things to do in Kentucky rather than Cincy. Have Fun!
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1. Eat at Montgomery Inn Ribs (one on the River, one in Montgomery). Best ribs place in the country. 2. Eat at Skyline Chili. The best Cincinnati Chili place in town, and you can only get this stuff around Cincy (unless you buy the cans and take em with you). 3. Eat at Graeter's Ice Cream. Chocalate Chip, Raspberry Chip the best. Even Oprah said she hasn't had better. 4. If Downtown- see the renovated fountain square, and go to the top of Carew tower (tallest building). You have to take a second elevator (real small) to get to the very top, but this gives you a chance to see the entire city. 5. Museum- the old Union Terminal now has a group of museums within it. 6. Newport Aquarium- just across the river from downtown Cincy. 7. For outdoors type stuff- instead go to the Krohn Conservatory. (basically a huge greenhouse) It has an awesome display of plants, and the smell of the place is worth it in itself- like being in an ancient jungle. 8. Cincinnati Zoo- see the Insect House especially, since you're into the outdoors. 9. If it's a weekend and if Kings Island is open, head up north I-71 to the Mason area, and go to Kings Island. It is one of the best rides-based amusement parks in the country, and has many great roller coasters (ride the Beast!). Enjoy, bscoms
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There's a really nice bar called the Madeira Inn in madeira ohio a really good place to get saucy. A good place with some good down home people. Also you can do your thing at Metropolis at the Cincinnati Mills. Just becareful of some of the underage girls there.

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