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Algebra Help!?!? How to do this problem!

Algebra Help!?!? How to do this problem!?!?
AIRFARE: In 1998 an airline offered a special airfare of $201 to fly from Cincinnati to Washington , D.C., a distance of 386 miles. Special airfares offered for longer flights increased by about $.138 per mile. Write a linear model for the special airfares a based on the total number of miles t of the flight. Estimate the airfare offered for a flight from Boston to Sacramento, a distance of 2629 miles.
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1 :
special airfare price = 201 + 0.138*t Boston to Sacramento price = 201 + 0.138*2629 = $563.80
2 :
First of all, we need to find out how much it costs per mile to travel from Cincinnati to Washington, D.C. in order to find out what the cost per mile is in order to add the $.138 cents per mile to it in order to estimate the longer flight cost. $201/386 miles = approximately $.521 if we round up to the nearest 1/10 cent. For the longer flights, the cost per mile will be .521 + .138 = .659. 2629 * .659 = $1732.51 The actual formula is as follows: ((201/386) + .138) * 2629 = 1731.789 NOTE: Rounding up to the nearest 1/10 cent is what makes the difference between the $ answer and the actual answer above.

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