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How much would it cost to fly straight to england from cincinnati ohio? (cheapest way)

How much would it cost to fly straight to england from cincinnati ohio? (cheapest way)?
I need the cheapest flight an way and the closest airports on both idk were any airports or but Lunkin Airport and i need an airport near Essex England...Help plz I need the cheapest flight, one way ticket, the closest airports on both sides Cincinnati and London...I wish to stay there for a while with a friend so i will need just one ticket there and another wen i am ready for home how much will each ticket cost at the cheapest price? Help plz
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There are tons of sites , try this one
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The price of a one-way ticket between CVG (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport -- the closest airport to you with commercial service) and any airport in London will depend upon several factors, including the time of the year you wish to fly and how far in advance you intend on purchasing that ticket. (Generally speaking, the ticket will be more expensive for travel in the summer than during the winter, and it will be generally cheaper to buy it in advance as opposed to buying it at the last minute.) Thus, without telling us when you want to go, no one here really will be able to help you with a specific price in your situation, other than to point you to websites such as,,, or where you can research prices for yourself based on your specific travel dates and needs. The only other piece of advice that I can give is that what you are proposing to do is quite expensive -- one-way tickets between the US and Europe are by and large quite expensive (oftentimes more expensive than a round-trip ticket would be), so don't be surprised if your plane tickets cost as much as double what a round-trip ticket would cost. You may wish to look into buying a round-trip ticket with a fixed date, and then simply paying to change that ticket if you end up staying longer or shorter than that date, as even the fees involved in changing that ticket may well be cheaper than what you're proposing. You'll also want to make sure, if you do end up buying a one-way ticket with the intention of buying a second one when you are ready to come home, whether you'd be allowed to enter the UK this way. Many countries require foreign travelers to provide proof of onward or return travel when entering the country, and if this is the case here, you wouldn't be allowed into the UK in the first place.
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Please check: Tips: a- use flexible dates b- use alternative airports
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For tickets, please try: Good luck!

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