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Getting off an airline flight before the final destination

Getting off an airline flight before the final destination?
We sometimes fly to Cincinnati on Delta. Going nonstop is always expensive for our family. I've noticed that sometimes a flight will stop in Cincinnati (the hub) on it's way to say Dayton where the flight to Dayton (from) San Francisco is much cheaper than the flight to Cincinnati. What would happen if we got off in Cincinnati (our destination) and didn't take the connecting flight?
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1 :
Your luggage would go on without you.
2 :
You just forfit the final destination. Now you may have problems on the return. Contact the airlines and ask them. Good luck
3 :
You would be fine as long as you check everything. However, going back is going to be a problem. You are going to have to drive to dayton and fly out of there. The airline will not let you pick up the flight from cincinnati. I live in between both cities, and it's a real pain to drive to dayton and wait an extra 2-3 hours for connections because delta has raised prices so much in cinncinati, so I know what you are going through...
4 :
There's no problem as long as you don't have baggage. If you have a connection, your baggage will be through-checked for this connection. So it will get to the next flight. If you miss the flight, it will be offloaded and the flight might be delayed. The airline might sue you for damages. But if you don't baggage, just skip the flight. They will call your name to board the next flight but they will depart without you anyhows.
5 :
To be honest usually when you are on flights that go via somewhere you usually go through transit not through main customs so I don't think you will be able to do it. Why not reason with the airline and see if they will reduce the fares?
6 :
If you are on the return leg of the trip, you can simply skip the last stop and stay in Cincinnati, as long as you only have carry-on baggage. If you are on the outbound/first part of the journey, the airline will cancel the remainder of the trip. They'll do that if you miss any segment of the trip. So plan carefully!
7 :
In addition to your losing any checked-in luggage, you might trigger off a massive terror alarm and nationwide manhunt for a person bearing your name & description. Even if you dont have check-in baggage, you'll definitely have triggered a security alert that can result in serious legal problems for you and family.

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