Saturday, August 14, 2010

how do i get from newark, NJ to Cincinnati, OH by train

how do i get from newark, NJ to Cincinnati, OH by train?
I'd like to know what are the transportation options (cheap / reasonable ) from Newark, NJ to Cincinnati, OH..Flights are damn expensive..any ideas about trains? Thanx a tonne
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either take greyhound or hop an amtrak train at newarks penn station.
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price your flight here
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I know airfare is pretty expensive right now, but I think it's still your best bet if you don't wanna spend two days crammed next to someone with questionable hygiene or who won't stop talking. Trains or buses won't save you much money and they take a long time to get where they are going (the better part of a day for the trip you are talking about). I would recommend checking out,, or for cheap airfares and expand your options for airports. You are fortunate in that you're close to several major airports (JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, Philadelphia) which are accessible by public transportation. Plus, if someone is picking you up or you are renting a car once you get to Cincinnati, you can fly into either Cincinnati (CVG) or Dayton (DAY) airports (Dayton is only about 45-50 minutes from downtown Cincinnati). I just checked on and you can get a roundtrip from JFK or Philadelphia to Dayton for $179 on Northwest. Also, keep an eye on the weekend specials that airlines offer. Delta, United, and other airlines offer last-minute fares that usually depart on a Saturday and return on Monday or Tuesday for significant savings. If you are hell-bent on taking the train, you can take Amtrak Cardinal line ( directly from the train station in downtown Newark (1 Raymond Plaza West on Market Street) to the train station in downtown Cincinnati (Union Terminal at 1301 Western Ave). It departs Newark on Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:41am. The only catch is that it takes about 17 hours to get to Cincinnati (so you don't get in until 3am) and costs between $150-200 for one-way and almost $300 for round trip. Greyhound is much cheaper (about $120 for round trip), but again it takes between 14 and 18 hours and you have to transfer buses at least once each way. Your final option is to drive. It's about 600 miles, which will take you 8 hours if you drive 75mph. If you don't own a car, you can rent a one-way rental from Newark Airport to Cincinnati Airport for about $75-90 plus gas.

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