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What do you think of my mock draft? (explanations for first 5)

What do you think of my mock draft? (explanations for first 5)?
1.)Detroit Lions -Andre Smith, OT - I was looking at the Lions team stats and saw that: their team output passing the ball was worse than Ben Roethlisberger's individual season, they averaged 3.8 yards a carry and didn’t have a 1000 yard rusher, and the top 4 rushers in the NFL had more yards rushing than they did as a team. Smith is the premier road-grading OT in this class, and he's not too shabby in pass protection too. If he starts letting up too many sacks, then he could become the next Shawn Andrews as a guard (aka a good thing). Games are won in the trenches and having Smith on the line can only help. 2.)St. Louis Rams - Eugene Monroe, OT - I really feel that the Rams need a pass-blocking offensive tackle, now that Orlando Pace is pretty much done. Eugene Monroe is that guy. His specialty is pass blocking and it allows the Rams to have a good crop of young bookend tackles (Barron and Monroe) who can block for Bulger (who was given a huge contract a couple years ago, I think the contact is what's making him ineffective) 3.)Kansas City Chiefs - Aaron Curry, OLB/ILB - Curry is THE stud linebacker in this class. Although he played OLB in college, I think the Chiefs (depending on who the coach ends up being) will end up putting him in the middle so that Derrick Johnson doesn’t have to play out of position anymore. The only knock on him is his ability to drop into coverage, but those concerns should ease off in time as he works to improve himself. 4.)Seattle Seahawks - Michael Crabtree, WR - I used to have Malcolm Jenkins here, but I read an article that would go against the 'Hawks going against taking Jenkins. They have a top-flight corner already (Trufant) and have spent money on a first rounder (Jennings) while also having a potential steal of the draft (Josh Wilson) on their roster. They do not have anyone like that at WR, where their top guys is the oft-injured Deion Branch, and Bobby Engram might be gone too. 5.)Cleveland Browns - Malcolm Jenkins, CB - No-brainer. If he was going to be available at this pick they'd take him. Best player at his position and fills a very important need. The other need is a 3-4 OLB, but there are plenty of those to be had in the second round. 6.)Cincinnati Bengals - Jason Smith, OT - 7.)Oakland Raiders - Jeremy Maclin, WR - 8.)Jacksonville Jaguars - Duke Robinson, OG - 9.)Green Bay Packers - B.J Raji, DT 10.)San Francisco 49ers - Matthew Stafford, QB 11.)Buffalo Bills - Brian Orakpo, DE 12.)Denver Broncos - Rey Mauluaga, ILB 13.)Washington Redskins - Michael Oher, OT 14.)New Orleans Saints - Vontae Davis, CB 15.)Houston Texans -Brian Cushing, OLB 16.)San Diego Chargers - Beanie Wells, RB 17.)NY Jets - Mark Sanchez, QB 18.)Chicago Bears - Phil Loadholt, RT 19.)Tampa Bay Buccaneers - LeSean McCoy, RB 20.)Detroit (From DAL) -Peria Jerry, DT 21.)Philadelphia Eagles - Brandon Pettigrew, TE 22.)Minnesota Vikings - Eben Britton, OT 23.)NE Patriots - DJ Moore, CB 24.)Miami Dolphins - Everette Brown, OLB 25.)Atlanta Falcons -William Moore, FS/SS 26.)Baltimore Ravens - James Lauranaitis ILB 27.)Indianapolis Colts - Sen'Derrick Marks, DT 28.)Philadelphia Eagles (From CAR) - Russell Okung, OT 29.)Tennessee Titans - Alex Mack, C 30.)New York Giants - Clay Matthews, OLB 31.)AZ Cardinals -Knowshon Moreno, HB 32.)Pittsburgh Steelers - Tyson Jackson, DE oh sorry, russell okung isnt coming out so obviously the eagles cant take him. so they'll take william beatty JF-13, you're just dumb. this is the correct draft order, save for the last two picks. i put the steelers at 32 cuz they have the better record. look it up
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I gotta disagree with the Chiefs pick , I agree with what Kiper said about Thigpen only being a solid back up at best really don't think they'll take Sanchez that high but there is a possibility they could take a QB . Also I think Curry will fit right into Mangini's scheme he'll implement in Cleveland . However they may decide to take Mauluaga . I really hope the Steelers take Alex Mack to give us a anchor to build on . Really we can all speculate all we want to , but until all the senior bowls , combines , and everything else is over we won't really know because as we've seen already Orakpo who was once predicted Top 5 has fallen quite a bit and could still fall farther.
2 :
Well, your Draft Order isn't right, because it goes by record. Therefore the Titans have the 32nd pick, the Giants have the 31st. So your picks near the bottom are out of order. But your top 5 seems pretty valid, and so do most of your mock picks. Except the Bucs are pretty much set on RBs with Dunn, and if he becomes too old there's always Cadillac. The Titans aren't in dyer need of a C either. They need a star WR, and will take the best available which if your picks are right, then they should take Percy Harvin. BTW Matt Stafford isn't going to the draft. He decided to change his mind.
3 :
You put together a good one... as always there are some disagreements: - The Lions are too stupid to draft an O-Lineman. They will most likely take Stafford or Sanchez and watch in clueless awe as they get sacked 10+ times a game. - I'm a little skeptical on the Chiefs taking Curry. They have so many areas to address I think they will wait to draft a LB until a later round or address the position in free agency. - I'm not sold on the fact that the 49ers are going to take a QB. It seems to be a popular pick in most mock drafts that I've looked at and quite frankly, I'm a little surprised. No, they don't have a stud QB, but they do have one that will win them games in Shaun Hill, and with Singletary admittedly trying to establish a smash-mouth running game, I will be shocked if they don't address needs pertaining more to the ground game or defense with that 10th overall pick. ...all that aside, your guess is as good as any ones at this point, and I think you put together a pretty sensible mock draft. Good job!
4 :
Too many overrated USC linebackers on your list. Rey Maulaluga got pancaked by a TE at Senior Bowl practice yesterday!
5 :
Very good. Looks similar to Mel Kiper's draft.

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