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CVG to LAX flight

CVG to LAX flight?
Hello people of Yahoo! I'm in a tad of a predicament. You see, my cousin over in California is having a graduation in Los Angeles. I'm in Cincinnati. To make things short, I'm looking for a airplane ticket from CVG to LAX. My departing can be any day from the 25th of July to the end of the month, and the return date can be the 13th to the 16th of August. The big issue is the price. I'm well aware that CVG happens to have the most expensive air fares in the country, but last night, (just a little after midnight), I found a ticket from the 28th to the 14th for around 200 dollars (including all the fees) per person. I than made a choice I terribly regret. I went to bed. Waking up in the morning, I checked the website again, and everything had doubled up to 500 North. I still believe I can find a cheap air fare, but I need you help. My price range can go up to 300 per person (including taxes and fees), to total a 900 dollar roundtrip (my mother and sister are coming as well). Help me guys
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CVG is the most expensive airport to fly out of. I live in Cincinnati and it is always in the newspaper. I am sure you know the prices are so bad, people drive to Dayton, Columbus and Indianapolis just for lower fares only to make a connection in Cincinnati before reaching their final destination. $200 is a great price for a ticket to LAX. I would try They have a lot of good deals. If you don't mind driving to Columbus or Indianapolis, you can check airfare tickets out of those cities to LAX. Columbus and Indianapolis are served by Southwest so their prices are lower. Plus their airports are not dominated by 1 airline. You can also try or
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Are you willing to drive to Columbus? If so, go to . Their prices are amazing- as low as $10 each way!!! They put advertisements all over the plane, and try to sell you crap while you are flying, but you can just say no. Be aware, they also charge you for checked bags and stuff like that, so it pays to pack light, etc. But if you truly want an economical way to fly to LA, Skybus is the way to go for sure.
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Dayton to LAX is currently $334.00 r/t with one stop (AirTran)

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