Monday, February 21, 2011

What airlines fly non-stop from Utah to Ohio

What airlines fly non-stop from Utah to Ohio?
I need a non-stop ONLY flight from Salt Lake City, Utah to anywhere in Ohio. So far I've only found Delta flying to Cincinnati non-stop. I'm looking for other airlines besides delta. I don't care where in Ohio, I just want to find a non-stop flight. Oh and I'm looking for next May 2011. Thank you!
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1 :
Delta is the only non-stop that kayak knows about as well
2 :
There are no non-stop flights at all from SLC to Ohio. (The Cincinnati airport is actually in Covington KY.) Sorry. The Delta route from SLC to CVG is as close as you'll get without changing planes.
3 :
Delta is the only airline that flies non-stop from Cincinnati to Salt Lake City. Continental has a hub in Cleveland but no non-stop flight.
4 :
I have flown United with a stop (no plane change) in Denver. And Northwest (Delta) with a stop in Minneapolis but that is the fastest I've done out of Columbus to SLC

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