Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cheap flight from Las Vegas to Cincinnati or Columbus Ohio

Cheap flight from Las Vegas to Cincinnati or Columbus Ohio?

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Well, for one it depends on the time of year you are going and what day to see how "cheap" it's going to be. Anywho, when I travel, I usually book my flights using YTB travel (I had a bad experience with Here is the site: click on flights only, and the date you are traveling Good luck
2 :
Man too bad you didn't ask earlier on Monday. Southwest Airlines had a huge sale to Columbus from just about everywhere they fly to, they had Ontario to Columbus for $30 each way and I think they had Vegas for the same price. Go to Southwest Airlines website anyway and check out there fares they have some cheap fares.. Download there ding fares so you can see all the sales they announce that day. They usually have some good sales.
3 :
try skybus, the new ultra low fare carrier. they are safe and cheap. also, southwest is trying to compete by offering $15 fares on these routes.
4 :
Hmm, the last answer is kinda funny, as Im 99.999% sure that skybus does not yet fly to Vegas. Southwest is prolly your best bet, but you can always check, which does a really comprehensive airline fare search for you, and will let you know if you can get a better price at other airports in the geography.

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