Friday, May 1, 2009

Booking an airline flight

Booking an airline flight?
Which internet sites are the Best for booking an airline flight. This is for a flight from Cincinnati, OH to Miami, FL
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Go to, or
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i'd try fare compare as they'll run through all the airlines & get you the best deal fast.
3 :
if you try travelocity or expedia, make sure you look at the airlines website too because those websites charge a $5 processing fee for using them..meaning it's cheaper just to go to the airlines website.
4 :
You should always book directly through the airline to find the best deals. Unfortunately, the budget airlines that I look to do not fly from Cincinnati, but they do fly from Louisville (1 1/2 hours away) and Indianapolis. If you were able to fly from Louisville, Southwest has fares for $119 each way, making the total airline cost $282. If you were able to fly from Indianapolis, Southwest has fares for $99 each way, making the total cost $231. Airtran has flights out of Indianapolis for $101 each way making the total cost $244 As far as flying from Cincinnati, the cheapest fares I see are around $400 round trip. I hope this helps.
5 :
I don't know when you are planning on leave, but go to Sign up for their Deals & Offers and email programs. They send out emails that have flights from Cinci to whereever for $59-$99.

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