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How can I change my flight itinerary

How can I change my flight itinerary?
I have an American airlines Flight on 27 Oct at 1710 from Cincinnati to Chicago-IL, from where I will leave for Nepal at 2010 the same day. But I want to leave Cincinnati in the morning. How can it be done?
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Obvious, phone the airline. You can expect to be charged for the new ticket.
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American Airlines offers two options for passengers who wish to change their flight times: 1) Before the day of the flight, you can call them directly and ask them to confirm the new times and reissue a new ticket. This, as has been already pointed out, may be quite expensive -- American will charge you the fare difference between the old ticket and the new ticket, plus the change fee that applies to the ticket. The change fee can be as high as $150 for domestic flights and $250 for international flights -- add the fare difference on top of that, and you could be looking at paying many hundreds of dollars to make the change. 2) American also offers confirmed same-day flight changes, if there is space available, for a fee of $50. If you want to go this route, you will need to wait until 12 hours before the earlier flight is scheduled to depart -- you won't be able to make any arrangements under this program until that point. You will want to look to see what your flight options are for earlier that same day and then call American reservations (800-433-7300) no more than 12 hours before that earlier flight leaves. If there is availability, they will charge you the $50 and change your flights to the earlier ones (without charging you additional change fees or the fare difference). If there is not availability, there is no charge. You can keep calling back 12 hours before later flights as well to see whether there is availability on those flights as well. These are your only two options -- American does not offer same day standby free of charge for passengers who do not have elite status with the AAdvantage program.

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