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Is a four hour difference from flight arrival to cruise departure enough

Is a four hour difference from flight arrival to cruise departure enough?
My friends & I are going on a Caribbean cruise on Sept. 19. We booked a flight on Sept. 18 from LAX to Miami with a connecting flight in Cincinnati. From LAX to Cincinnati, the departure time is @ 11.35pm (Sept 18) & the arrival time in Cincinnati is 6.46am (Sept 19). From Cincinnati to Miami, the departure time is 9.15am (Sept 19) & the arrival time in Miami is 11.48am (Sept 19). The cruise's departure time is at 4pm (Sept 19). Would that be enough time for us to catch our cruise? By the way, we were foolish enough to book our flight via Delta without reading any previous reviews & after we've read them today, we're pretty anxious. Delta apparently has a reputation for delays. :( We won't be checking in any baggage since we're afraid that might cause even more delays or even lose it. Thanks for any input! Oh, and the cruise we're boarding is Carnival Valor.
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That's plenty of time as long as you don't have any flight delays. Even with short delays you will be fine as long as you make it to the dock a hour or so before departure. There are always lots of cabs to shuttle people to the port. If you have paid for the shuttle service through Carnival that's even better. I've gotten to the airport with about the same amount of time to spare before too and it was plenty of time. Just don't carry on too many bags to the ship or you'll be stuck lugging it all around until they release the rooms to the passengers.
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Just hope and pray a lot. Now I have booked a similar flight for my cruise arriving in Florida around 11am, but mine was booked through Princess. Princess has this deal that if your flight is delayed, they guarantee they will get you to the next port with all expenses on them. So, I am OK with our flight. Oh, ours is not with Delta, but Continental. My very first cruise, we had a flight coming in at around 2pm and I was worried. But all was well with that one. It was the ship that was delayed which does not happen often at all. I think you will be OK because most flight delays are under 1 hour delay. What amazes me is that your going on a cruise with only carry-on luggage.
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should be fine
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I am assuming you booked your flight separately rather than through the cruise line. Generally if you book with the cruise line they guarantee you make it to the ship or arrange for you to meet it at it's first port of call. Normally 4 hours should be sufficient time for you to make your cruise, the time between your connections leaves sufficient time to make your connecting flight so, baring unusual delays, you should reach the ship in time. If you paid for a shuttle through Carnival they will be aware of any delays and, if not, a taxi should be able to make it there within a reasonable time frame. Like the other answer, I am surprised that you can pack all you need for a cruise into your carry-on bags. However if you are a good packer it is possible, wish I was that good.
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I would never try to fly across the country on the same day a cruise leaves. There can be delays in both LA and Cincinnati. Even though the ship leaves at 4 you have to be at the terminal by 3. If you have not completed your paperwork they say 2:30. I would be a nervous wreck for the entire flight. ₪ ʎəɿʞɹɐq ₪
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I wouldn't cut it that close. I always fly in the day before, to allow for any possible snafus with the flights. And you're supposed to get checked in, I think, 90 minutes before the ship departs. You also won't get to enjoy the ship for the entire afternoon that you board [check in usually begins about 11:30 a.m.]. If you bought your air travel through the cruise line [not usually a good idea], they may wait a little while for you if you're late, especially if there are several other cruisers on the flight. However, it's too late for you to change flights now, unless you want to pay the change fee. Make sure you have all your paperwork completed on line ahead of time, if that's possible. When you get to Cincinnati, see if you can catch an earlier flight to MIA, if at all possible. Not having checked bags is a big plus. It's not a real long distance from MIA to the port, although you may have rush-hour traffic to contend with. You may be just fine, if everything goes well. Good luck to you! And, enjoy your cruise.
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Brave of you to leave so little time. I always get in a day ahead and spend a night in Miami. Hope you also bought the travel insurance that will cover IF you don't make it. I am also surprised you can do it with just carry on luggage. Wish I could pack that lightly.
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If you are not at the pier 90 minutes before the boat leaves they will not let you on, that happened to me with Canival. Also, I read a post once about the cruise shuttle not coming to pick you up at the airport, good luck.
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Always always always arrive in your departure city the day before your cruise leaves. Especially if you're transferring planes or stopping anywhere. I used to work for a cruise line and I cannot tell you how many times we dealt with angry passengers wanting refunds because they missed the ship. If you miss the ship you will not get a refund!!! The only exception to this rule is if you're doing a short hop from a hub city to another large airport. For instance Phoenix to Los Angeles. But I'd book to arrive a minimum of 8 hours before, just in case. There are always things to do in the city the cruise departs from. Go to the zoo, go to the beach...just don't miss the boat!!
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Can you call the airline and bump up your travel time? Maybe just do stand by or something. I don't fly a lot but I do cruise a lot and you really cheat yourself out of a day of travel if your late or in your case totally miss it.
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It is more than enough time without flight delays, the cruise ship terminal is no more than a 30 minute cab ride from Miami Airport even with traffic. However, if you have a flight or baggage delay your trip will be ruined. I would do what everyone else does and arrive the day before and stay in a hotel just to play it safe.

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