Saturday, August 1, 2009

Purposely missing connecting flight

Purposely missing connecting flight?
I am looking at a cheap flight from LAX from Dayton, OH, connecting in Cincinnati. On the return trip, my flight leaves from Dayton and again connects in Cincinnati on its way back to LAX. Cincinnati is my ultimate destination, so my question is: do I HAVE to get on the puddle jumper to Dayton? And on the way back, can I catch that Cincy to LA flight without having to travel to Dayton? Flight from LAX to Dayton - $209. Flight from LAX to Cincy $519.
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1 :
why not just buy a ticket to cincinnati?
2 :
Why don't you choose a flight / airline that operates as per your requirement, in order to avoid problems.
3 :
If you decided to get off the plane after the LAX-CVG leg and not travel on to Dayton, when you went to the airport to fly back to LAX, you will find that your ticket has been canceled by the airline for your return trip. Airlines have strict rules in place that don't allow for what you are suggesting. You could rent a car or even take a cab or shuttle service from Dayton to Cincinnati and still save $$$ if that's what you want to do.

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