Friday, August 14, 2009

Why are non-stop Delta flights to CVG (Cincinnati) so expensive?? Like $1085.00 round trip

Why are non-stop Delta flights to CVG (Cincinnati) so expensive?? Like $1085.00 round trip??
I would like to fly non-stop return. But it seems that you can only get a good price if you fly non-stop one way and must have 1 stop return.... why????
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1 :
Cincinnati is Delta's hub, plus non-stops always cost more
2 :
Delta's hub is here, and they are money hungry pigs. Try looking at prices thru Dayton, Ohio. Usually these are a whole bunch cheaper.
3 :
Being a Delta hub, it should be cheaper to fly there, not more that makes no sense at all. Typically air service to cities with fewer flights cost more. So my guess is it's about where you're flying from. If airline service is limited, you'll pay a higher price. Consider traveling to a larger city nearby to fly in and could save several hundred dollars.
4 :
Other airports to consider are Lexington and Louisville in Kentucky. They are always cheaper - about 80miles south of Cincinnatti on I 72 or I 75 Sometimes the advertised flight goes via Cincinnati and is still a lot cheaper. If you don't check any baggage you can just get off in Cincinnati. Delta never used to like people doing this but the last time my friend enquired the rep said she would even receive a credit if she did this!!
5 :
Because Delta is the only major airline that flies into Cincinnati and the only airline that offers non-stop service to major cities, they can get away with it. You'll save yourself a considerable amount of dough if you either stop somewhere, or go from Dayton, Lexington, Louisville or Columbus.
6 :
I'm not so sure Delta is the "only" major carrier flying into CVG is an international airport and has 3 terminals....but CVG is rated either 1st or 2nd as the most expensive airport in the country....In any case we usually fly in/out of Dayton which is about 60 miles No of Cinti...Note: CVG is actually in's NOT in Ohio.

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