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What is the cheapest way to get from New York to Cincinnati

What is the cheapest way to get from New York to Cincinnati?
Is there any cheap flight, train, bus, etc? Nothing looks reasonable on Expedia, Amtrak, or Greyhound.
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Walk. It's virtually free. That IS the cheapest way to get there.
2 :
Greyhound would be the best bet.Me,personally would be even a bigger tightwad & ride my bicycle there.
3 :
I travel from Canton, OH to Boston on a yearly basis, which is probably almost as long as NY (which is about 2-3 shy of Boston) and Cinciinnati (which I think is about 4 hours after Canton) and so far driving has consistently been the cheapest way to go. And for what it's worth, part of what makes it so much cheaper for me is it's my girlfriend and I and we either take my car or hers, which average 35-40 mpg. If you have a big-old thing that gets under 30 then public transportation may break even or cost somewhat less. is a wonderful tool to help you estimate gas mileage, giving a breakdown of the average price of gas in various regions of the country and estimating the mileage and gas cost (based on those averages) for you. I put in the trip from NY to Cincinnati with the worst gas guzzler I could think of that the average person would have (an F150) it estimated just over $320 in gas for a round-trip. However, with my car (a Hyundai Elantra) which is in the 30s like many family-sized cars it's estimating just $200 in gas, and in the highest mileage vehicle I can think of (a Toyota Prius) it would be just under $100. Although if you do decide to drive, just be warned the biggest downside is that it is a very long drive and will take the entire day. Canton to Boston usually runs me anywhere from 10 to 14 hours, depending on traffic, if we make any food stops, and how well we pay attention to the speed limit, and you can expect to tack on at least another 1-2 hours for going from NY to Cincinnati.
4 :
If you buy your ticket a few weeks ahead, you can fly from LGA to CMH for $217 round trip on Frontier, or $220 on United or Airtran. Were you to drive, that's about 1100 miles round trip. At a conservative 40 cents/mile for gas and wear and tear on the car, that would be $440, way more than a plane ticket. If $220 is too much, I think you better dust off your bicycle.
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You will have to see how much it costs to fly out of alternate airports. Look at Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis or Louisville to see if you can find anything. Also go to
6 :
If you are leaving from New York City and time is not a factor, I would suggest taking the Megabus. There isn't a direct bus from NYC to Cincinnati but you can go from NYC to Pittsburgh and then from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati. The prices are unbeatable (around $20 from NYC to Pittsburgh and then $1 from Pittsburgh to NYC as they are running a special right now). The further in advance you purchase, the cheaper they will be. Also, flexibility helps and you can usually find dollar seats if you play with the dates.
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