Monday, September 14, 2009

Need the cheapest place to get a flight from Canada to US

Need the cheapest place to get a flight from Canada to US?
My mother-in-law is flying here from Moncton, New Brunswick in Canada into Dayton, Cincinnati, or Columbus, Ohio. Is it better to get a fight directly from a site like Air Canada or is there a cheaper way?
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Air Canada is your best bet. You can try or Priceline to see what they come up with. The issue to consider with Priceline is getting a red-eye flight which makes the trip harder (loss of sleep, etc).
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Try Orbitz or a link from the page below
3 : is great
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check Cincinnati is very expensive, I'd go for Dayton or Columbus. Check the rates for the dates you want on travelocity, then go directly to the website of the carrier and check their price for the same flight. Often it's a little cheaper that way.
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The best bet possible will be Air Canada, American Airlines, also flies there, there are many possibilities, You may want to check amazon. travel zoo, on line companies and get quotes, then if like, but fell uncomfortable doing it on line. Call a local travel agency, and compare rates. But would suggest to book with a qualified agency, that displays I A T A , and also Province travel membership. Your travel agent friend.
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