Monday, December 14, 2009

is 45 minutes lay over for an international flight enough

is 45 minutes lay over for an international flight enough?
I am traveling from Los Angeles (LAX) to Montreal (YUL) I have a layover of 45 minutes in Cincinnati, OH (CVG). I am going to check in for the international flight from LAX. Do you think I will have time? I have never been to Cincinnati's airport
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cinci's not too bad since you can get around it very easily... i've done 30 min domestic connections before when forced to....but that's a short lay over for international! if you plane gets delayed for more than 15/20 min- you are going to miss that connection- good luck and try to sit in the front of the plane
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As long as you are flying the same airline (which sounds like it would be Delta in this instance), 45 minutes should be sufficient, so long as your flight in from LAX is on time.
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just prey your flight is on time.
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yes if the same airline you should have enough time and you will mostly likely be able to get boarding passes for both flights when you check in at Lax then when you arrive Cincinnati, you just head over to the gate where your flight to Canada departs from (check the monitors at the airport) if the same airline sometime they will make announcements from what gate the connecting flight leave from and you dont have to worry about customs since going to Canada you will clear Canadian customs in Canada (and on the return you will Pre clear US customs in Canada so your return flight are consider domestic
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you're gonna need all the luck you can get in this world with you.. PEACE =D

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