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How early do you need to arrive at the airport for an international flight. I am flying to canada.

How early do you need to arrive at the airport for an international flight. I am flying to canada.?
How early do I need to show up to check in? Somepeople tell me 3 hours, some tell me 2. I am flying out of Cincinnati if that helps any. I need this info ASAP so any help... will help. Thank you so much in advance.
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Two hours is plenty of time, however check with your airlines...go to their website. Additionally i will add that if you arrive early and check in your chances of loosing your seat on over booked flight is slight. Airlines are always over booking, so get your seat early.
2 :
the earlyer the better 3hrs but you can go earlyer
3 :
2 hrs
4 :
2 hours is the best.
5 :
I would recommend 2 hours because you have to check in, check in your luggage, go trough security, probably have to go through customs and that can take a long time. if your flying during a holiday or a pretty busy day, then its best if you get there 3 hours earlier.
6 :
I think you sould get there 3 hours earlier. Its better for you to just sit there and to wait for your plane to arrive rather than you sitting for another flight thats like in another couple of hours.
7 :
i would say as early as you can say 3 hours is enough. thats what i will be doing when i head home to New Zealand from Los Angeles at the end of october.
8 :
They suggest that you get to the airport between 3 and 2 hours prior to your departure time - You want to make sure that you have plenty of time to get through security and customs and the lines can be long for both and you wouldn't want to miss your flight.
9 :
Holy crap, everyone wants you to get there so early that you could pitch a tent and sleep for a while, LOL. 2 hours absolute max. 1 hour is fine, I personally dont like to get there less than an hour early. You will have to go through the standard security line in Cincinnati, and will need to present your passport when you check in to get your tickets. Thats it, it really doesnt take any longer than checking in for any other flight. When you hit Canada, that is when you will need to go through Customs. Leave longer when you come back from Canada- you will go through US Customs in Canada when you return.
10 :
3 Hours for international 30 minutes for Domestic

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