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What are the steps to boarding a plane

What are the steps to boarding a plane?
I'm a first time flier and i leave in 13 days or so to England. I want to know the order of steps to board the plane, from security to how to get my boarding pass. I bought my ticket online, I know that i have to print my Itinerary. My airport is Cleveland Hopkins and carrier is Delta. Also, I have no clue where anything is in Cleveland Hopkins, like gates, check in counters...etc. My first flight from Cleveland is to Cincinnati (flight number Delta 6226). And from Cincinnati to London Gatwick Airport. It's all very confusing to me lol
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You don't need to print your itinerary (though it's a good idea). You can check in and print your boarding pass on the Delta website 24 hours before your flight. Go to the airport. Find the Delta airlines section. (If you get a ride, just get dropped off in front of their door.) If Delta allows curbside check in, you can check your bags with the skycap on the curb. Most airlines charge a dollar or two per bag for the service (plus other check fees), and don't forget to tip the guy--a lot. If you'd rather not do that, go to the Delta counter to check in your bag. Show your boarding pass and ID (passport) to the agent. If you haven't printed your own pass, just give them your confirmation number. They will check your bags and give you your baggage tags (and boarding pass if necessary), and tell you your departure gate. Go to the security line. Have your boarding pass and passport ready to show at the head of the line. When you get to the security gate, you will have to put your carry on, shoes, purse, coat, laptop, and your one-quart bag of liquids (if applicable) into the trays. Be sure not to wear any metal jewelry, just in case. Walk through the arch as your trays go through the xray machine. Everything will usually be fine. However, they may ask to look into your bag if they see something they're not sure of. Or you may be randomly selected to be "wanded" (having the electronic wand passed over your body). It's not a big deal. Collect your stuff, put your shoes back on, and find your departure gate. There will be signs telling you where to go. Here are things that you cannot take on carry on: Bottom line, if you get lost, airport personnel are happy to help you.

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