Friday, April 1, 2011

American Airlines St.Louis Hub.

American Airlines St.Louis Hub.?
Why doesn't American Airlines(or American Connection) have flights from St.Louis to Cincinnati,Detroit,Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Nashville and soon Ft.Lauderdale. Before American bought TWA there was service to all these cities from STL.
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1 :
The worst thing to happen was American buying TWA. I loved TWA. Their service was a lot better than American's. I loved the STL hub that TWA had and I have been through STL many times. American dismantled the hub, just like they have dismantled every hub of every airline that they have purchased. If AirTran can make it a focus city or a second hub, I think you will see a lot of cities getting nonstop service again.
2 :
Most of the cities you mention are hubs for other airlines, such as Northwest, Delta, or U.S. Air. Probably American found there was no profit in competing with the other airlines in their hubs. You may want to see if the other airlines offer direct flights to STL.
3 :
Well when AA bought TWA they had conflicting routes, so they shut some down, and shut more down later

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