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How do i make this flight

How do i make this flight?
Okay so im planning on going to America next year. I want to go to cincinnati to see my girlfriend. but......Im from england, and Ohio isnt a destination from the UK, and i was just wondering exactly HOW you get to these places if they arent actual flights? Is it more expensive or something? LOL yeah if you haven noticed, im from the UK ( T__________T )
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I'm not sure, but I think you should probably fly from UK to New York then from New York, go to Ohio.
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The fact that an airline does not offer nonstop service between airports doesn't mean you can't fly there. You'll simply need to select an airline that will allow you to fly to Cincinnati on a connecting flight, and buy your ticket.
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You didn't say where in Ohio you want to go. But it will probably be something like UK to JFK, and a connecting flight to your destination in Ohio. Cleveland is a major regional airport in Ohio, though it's on the northern edge of the state. There should also be connecting flights from JFK to Columbus, Cincinnati, or Dayton, OH as well.
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Probably connect through JFK or LaGuardia Airports (New York). Cincinnati and Cleveland are serviced primarily by Continental and US Airlines . Travelocity or Expedia should get you there. You will need at least 3 hours in your entry city to get through customs, so plan accordingly. Ohio is a more fun place than people realize -- and drive to Pittsburgh if you have the time.
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You can fly to Cincinnati airport via a layover - you just enter your city of departure (London?) and your destination city (Cincinnati) and you will be provided with options, all of which will likely involve a stop somewhere else, such as New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, etc (some examples from a quick search I did). It's very easy to book. Prices will vary, but it's generally expensive to fly from the UK to the US anyway; it's not going to be considerably more expensive to take a connecting flight on to Cincinnati.
6 :
It's easy enough, you might try a few different things. Try searching for flights to using Cincinnati with a connection as your final destination and see what the prices are like. Also try booking two separate flights, first a flight to a major city like New York, Washington DC, Miami etc., and then a flight from the city that offers the best fare to Cincinnati and see what you come up with. You can also try a travel agent and let them do all the work for you. Cincinnati is fairly large city and you should be able to get some decent prices from the UK, although most likely more than to a major city on the US East Coast. Good luck.

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