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Pilot flashed a badge to the flight attendent; what's this mean

Pilot flashed a badge to the flight attendent; what's this mean?
Ok, I was just on a flight from Detroit to Cincinnati and there were several pilots that filled the empty seats (probably around 6), and one sat next to me. As the flight attendent walked by, the pilot sitting next to me descretely reached into his duffle and pulled out a small black "book" type object. As he was small talking with the attendent, he quickly opened the little black object and flashed a badge at her and she acknowledged by saying, "okay, thank you". She then walked to the cockpit and whispered to the pilot and the copilot something, they gave her a "thumbs-up", and she closed the door. I'm just curious what this was all about. I'm thinking that he was informing her that he had a license to carry a gun on a plane, but I'm not sure. Are there any pilots, or airline employees, out there that can fill me in?
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he was wither proving that he was an actual captian qualified to fly the plane and should be granted all-access or he was being a stud and showing off. nothing to worry about, just TSA procedure. it is highly unlikely that he is packing heat. the actual undercover air martials that govern flights will not flash a badge and have already met the attendants in a briefing room beforehand. and pilots do not carry weapons. maby she just asked to see the badge or it gets him a free flight? who knows
2 :
Might have been an air marshall/pilot. Usually marshalls wear civilian clothes so you dont know who they are.
3 :
it's codespeak for "get the pilor a drink"
4 :
It s the welcome to the Mile High Club salute. Looks like she will be finding out why they call it the cockpit later.
5 :
He was probably notifying her he is an undercover officer. This is perfectly normal. On certain Airlines, This is required.
6 :
He was probably a federal Air Marshall employed by the FAA undercover as a pilot, or he could have just run onto the plane for last minute travel.
7 :
He might have been showing her that he is a Federal Flight Deck Officer. They are authorized to carry weapons in the cockpit. They don't carry weapons in the cabin. Law enforcement officers authorized to carry handguns and Federal Air Marshals will not flash badges. The captain and flight crew know what seats they're in before anyone boards.

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