Thursday, July 14, 2011

its my first time to travel abroad! help!!!

its my first time to travel abroad! help!!!?
im traveling abroad for the first time.. im nervous and scare that i might get lost or whatever.. my flight huv a change plane (1 and half hour) in detroit (dtw airport) to cincinnati (cvg airport) can anyone tell me where to go and what to do and what to see or expect in the airport.. help pls!!!
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If your connection is in DTW, your experience will depend on what airline you fly. If its Northwest, Air France, Lufthansa, or any SkyTeam Airline (Continental, Delta) then your experience will be in a mile long beautiful 5 year old terminal. If its not on the airlines I mentioned, you will be in a 40 year old terminal thats not bad, just not anything interesting. Both terminals are easy to navigate, so there is not anything to worry about there. Either way, just sit back, relax and enjoy the trip!
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If you are a minor then you can have extra help when you travel. From check-in to customs and immigration. Do not worry about getting lost. i did it many times.
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You don't mention the airline, but I assume that it is Northwest, Lufthansa, British Airways, or Air France connecting to Northwest since you said that you're traveling abroad and you're connecting in Detroit. Relax. All of these flights are in one terminal (the McNamara Terminal). You'll arrive at Customs and Immgration on the lower level. You'll have to reclaim you luggage to clear Customs and recheck it after. There will be a luggage check station directly past Customs. There are three concourses - A, B, and C. Check the monitor for your connecting flight. The first character is the concourse, i.e., gate A16 is on concourse A. There is a tram on the A concourse if your gate is a long walk and you would rather ride. If you need to get to concourse B or C, there is a connecting tunnel adjacent to gate A38. If you would like to see what it looks like in advance, there is a good map at Print it and take it with you.

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