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What terminal will American flights go into in Charles de Gaulle airport (in paris)

What terminal will American flights go into in Charles de Gaulle airport (in paris)?
Im flying to paris tomorow on a flight from cincinnati (ew) to paris on delta. the rest of my family gets to paris half an hour later on a flight from dallas to paris on american. in my flight info it says that I'll be arriving in aerogare 2 terminal E but there flight info does not say what terminal they'll be arriving at, because our phone wont work there, and I dont speak french, we are trying to figure out where to meet. so does anyone have any idea what terminal they might fly into?? thanks!
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Just enter their flight number here and it will tell you: I suppose it's flight AA048 arriving at 9:40 am. In this case it's CDG2 Terminal A. EDIT: Here is a map of CDG2: Just so you know, the arrival terminal sometimes changes at the last minute (it happened to me twice) so decide on a place to meet regardless of what happens in the end and stick to it.
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Just to emphasize the previous answer, it is entirely possible that you or they may be diverted to a different terminal - there are several terminals capable of accepting international arrivals - for example last week I arrived at 2F instead of 2E (luckily you can access the parking lot where I left my car from both of those terminals). Where you meet might well depend on where you're going next - if you are getting the train into Paris you might want to meet at the train station (note that there are two, but one is located at Terminal 2), or likewise you could meet at the bus station. If you are taking a taxi you might want to meet them at their arrival area - when you arrive you will see Arrivals screens listing the incoming flights with times and arrival areas. Note that some terminals have more than one exit from the baggage claim area. One final point - it's possible that they will actually arrive before you - that's the order these two flights landed this morning, for example.

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