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Where do I go through customs

Where do I go through customs?
On a flight to England, we are leaving from Cincinnati and making a stop in Chicago. Where do we go through customs & immigration, Cincinnati or Chicago? Or does that wait until we get to England ? please help!
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1 :
When you are leaving the country it will be your destination city, which will be in England.
2 :
You will go through British customs at whatever airport you land at in England.
3 :
You go through customs at the airport from where you board a flight that leaves for a foreign country, in your case Chicago. Going abroad always means going 2 customs, once at the departing country, then at the arriving destination country, both countries have to keep track of who is leaving and who is entering.
4 :
The answer given by longliveabcdefg is not correct in your situation. While many countries have customs checks upon departure, the United States is not one of them -- passengers leaving the US need not go through customs and immigration until they reach a foreign destination where it is required. In the specific instance asked about in this question, you will not need to go through customs/immigration until you reach the UK.
5 :
Someone gave Nako a thumb down, but the answer is exactly correct. There is no passport control or Customs leaving the USA.
6 :
As explained here largely, the USA (and Canada for that matter) DO NOT have Exit Customs Control.
7 :
Welcome to the UK, a country unlike the US. Unlike the US because there is no such thing as border preclearance, a tyrannical practice performed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. You will go through customs upon arrival in the UK.
8 :
it will be when you get to englad of course. customs are for when you arrive in a country different from you take off country. you do have to go through customs in chicago, cause ohio and chicago have the same passports and nationality.

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