Thursday, April 14, 2011

What does it cost the taxpayers for Obama to go on a picnic

What does it cost the taxpayers for Obama to go on a picnic ?
Examples of Obama abusing the taxpayers: Trip to St. Louis to throw a baseball. Trip to the Grand Canyon. Fly fishing in Montana. Night on the Town with Michelle in Paris. Vacation at Martha's Vineyard. Dinner in New York City. (Flight from DC) Labor day Picnic in Cincinnati. All of these trips entailed flights, security, etc., Time spent at Camp David is not included as there is the place the taxpayers specifically supply to the office for rest and relaxation. No wonder he does not have time to properly vett his advisers or Czars. To Mikal_19 In the words of your Green Czar. You are a @$$hole.
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1 :
Are you crazy?
2 :
What did it cost taxpayers for George W. Bush to take 10 WEEKS of vacation every year for 8 years?
3 :
PICNIC ???? This is a ploy to bankrupt America... put the economy into a tail spin, pass any laws that "WE" so-call need and dig us all deeper and deeper into oblivion... What they are doing is bad for our country that will be out of control and unrepairable FUBARed.... IT's WHAT the citizens of AMERICA will pay with terrorists, racist, radical extremists, and communists infiltrating our government... to destroy it from within. IT IS SO OBVIOUS WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DO, and I hope that this hidden agenda is seen by the FBI and CIA to circumvent the overthrown of our government.
4 :
When a president goes on vacation, they pay for the vacation, but we pay for their security, secret service, and transportation to and from the location. One expense that we should not be paying is his national indoctrination speech tomorrow.
5 :
You might want to do some checking. Most, if not all, of those things were paid for out of his own pocket. The security is not an "abuse of taxpayer money" any more than the security that went with Bush to his ranch ever other week was an abuse of taxpayer money.
6 :
A fortune!! He does not care that so many people have lost their jobs can't afford to feed themselves/families and are basically destine for the streets. I think he sets a very poor example by spending all of this money!! But you know what let him go on his trips that's one less day of damage that he could be doing to this country!!
7 :
OMG! Do you really want us to start reminding you people of how many vacations and other things Bush did at tax payer expense?
8 :
W took more personal vacation time than any other president in modern history. Does "Crawford Ranch" ring a bell? It should - if you were paying attention, that is where he was for a week out of every month. Please do your research before embarrassing yourself.

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