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Although Cincinnati is a big city in the nation with many residents, why is CVG airport so darn expensive

Although Cincinnati is a big city in the nation with many residents, why is CVG airport so darn expensive?
For instance, a one-adult, round-trip flight from Cincinnati to Los Angeles is about $500.00. That is way too expensive (excessively). So why can't they reduce those huge prices?
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Because Delta is the dominant carrier in the market (having a hub in CVG), they essentially have so little competition that they are able to set the prices where they want. This is not unique to CVG -- other hubs, such as DFW (a major hub for AA) have similar issues due to one dominant carrier. There isn't going to be a huge move to reduce prices in and out of CVG until either DL moves its hub out or another carrier moves a hub in, causing some sort of competitive force that doesn't exist now.
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also did you know that that airport(Cincinnati) isn't really in Ohio? but in Kentucky? Covington Kentucky) maybe that might have something to do with it plus the major player/carrier is of course Delta they tend to run a little higher)
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WAY TOO EXPENSIVE??? ROUND TRIP??! Have you made a trip to the gas pump lately?? Jet fuel is 50% more expensive than it was a year ago. How much do you think it should be?? You couldn't drive it round trip for that. Don't think that CVG is the only airport with expensive fares. Your beef should be with the oil companies...they're the ones making excessive profits at our expense.
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CVG is a Delta hub and you are paying that for a non stop flight. I would try checking out Louisville or Lexington and make a stop at a connecting city; it may be less expensive. However consider that you are going to have to pay the extra gas to get to those other airports and parking. There is nothing better than a direct flight; even a small delay out of a city can equal big problems in your connecting city. Another perk of a direct flight is less opportunity for your bag to become delayed or separated from you. It does have a sticker shock value but you couldn't drive to LAX for any less.
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Try flying out of Dayton, it's usually cheaper than Cincy.
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I live in Cincinnati and CVG has the highest airfare in the country. The reason is because Delta has a hub there and since they invested a lot of money into the new terminal and the fact that they offer a lot of non-stop flights has made them raise ticket prices. Delta also has very little competition since they and Comair operate over 80% of all flights. We have a few low-cost carriers but they do not really threaten Delta. The ones that did only flew to 1 or 2 cities and Delta then slashed their fares to match that lowcost carrier. People ended up going back to Delta and the lowcost carrier ended up leaving Cincinnati. Lots of people choose to drive to Dayton, Columbus, Louisville or Indianapolis to have a lower ticket price.

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