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Algebra 2 word problem help!

Algebra 2 word problem help!?
In 1998 an airline offered a special airfare of $201 to fly from Cincinnati to Washington D.C., a distance of 386 miles. Special airfares offered for longer flights increased by about $.138 per mile. Write a linear model for the special airfares a based on the total number of miles t of the flight. Estimate the airfare offered for a flight from Boston to Sacramento, a distrance of 2629. Can anyone explain how to do this?
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okay so we have some number S which is the amount we are paying. for miles 't', for 0<t<386, our cost, c, is equal to 201/386 (dollars over miles.) so for t<386 c = .5207 for 386<t<2629, c is going to be .5207 + .128, or .6487 which we can round .649 so our equation then becomes .5207 * 386 + .649 * (2629 - 386) so S, our cost, is 1656.71 in dollars
2 :
yes, drop the class. i suggest geometry, or algebra pluss. :p

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