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Cheap roundtrip flight from Cincinnati to San Diego....

Cheap roundtrip flight from Cincinnati to San Diego....?
Hi. I'm 17 and I'm planning to go to San Diego, CA, at least 2 weeks from now, and stay for about 2 weeks. I live in Cincinnati, OH. I'm looking for a cheap roundtrip flight.... I only need a flight though, not a hotel or anything else. I'll give 10 points to whoever can find a cheap one that I like the most. Thanks. =D
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You should find a reputable travel agent who can back you up if anything should happen during the trip. Anything can happen. A travel agent also wants to keep you happy, so they will search for the lowest rates that they can. When you go, ask the agent to perform the WPNI action code after stating the dates and place you want to go, because that finds the bargain deals. Also, she should know this, but tell her to also perform the WPNCB. For each of these codes, there must be an asterisk for it. This is if she/he is working out of the Sabre System. Good luck!
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Cheapest is usually to fly out of Dayton, Louisville, or Columbus. Cheapest is Skybus out of Columbus for as little as $75 oneway depending on the day you travel.

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