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Scared to fly-Clausterphobic

Scared to fly-Clausterphobic?
I am flying this week from LAX to Cincinnati, OH. I am usually pretty bad at traveling (nervous, scared, forgetful, etc...) but I just found out that my connection from Chicago to Cincinnati is on a commuter jet with 2 seats on each side of the aisle and only 12 rows, so now I am freaking out. What can I do (aside from taking a different flight) to not be so clausterphobic? People say drink (I'm legal) or take Tylenol PM or something, but I'd rather not mess with alcohol or drugs so I can feel well the rest of the day...HELP ME! Its only an 1.5 hour flight.
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1 :
Aviophobia or Aviatophobia or Pteromerhanophobia And to date, the best way I have found to deal with any fear is simply to face it. I have many fears, but I refuse to let them control me. Okay, so I am a bit stubborn, what can I say?
2 :
You're going to have to use some kind of drug at this late date.
3 :
Try to get a seat by the aisle so you are not looking out the window. See if the person by the window will close the shade for you. Read a book, or magazine, or listen to headphones to keep your mind occupied. Better yet, get a travel game so that you are concentrating on something else.
4 :
This is a tough one, because I hate flying and usually I take something to knock me out or drink to quiet my nerves. On only one flight have I ever not drank or taken anything and on that flight I prayed and read. I made sure my mind was busy with other things so I couldn't think about flying and I made it thru pretty good. STAY CALM! You can control this part of your body, when you start hyperventilating, take deep breaths. Think of something that makes you calm. Maybe take your ipod or some other listening device (i usually do that as well)that helps keep you calm.
5 :
carry a barfing bag with you.or you can fall asleep on the plane so you will be lost in your dreams and not so worried.
6 :
12 rows really won't be as small as you might think. About the size of a greyhound bus. You might want to take a Dramamine, which is for motion sickness, because it might help with your nerves a bit too, and won't effect you after you land.
7 :
I would try Benydryl as well as deep breathing exercises. I am terrified of flying but the benydryl made me very sleepy and that with the deep breathing and relaxation helped
8 :
fall asleep or listen to some music
9 :
Take a good book to read, a good snack to eat, a friend to have a good conversation will help the time go by faster.
10 :
Okay, I'm not clausterphobic, but I'm scared of heights. (REALLY scared.) What I would do is try to fall asleep on the flight, or bring a book or some challenging activity to get your focus off the flight. Also, if you're not scared of heights, too, then I'd sit next to a window--it might look like you've got more space than you do. Or else sit in the isle (especially if you ARE scared of heights, too), so that there's no one directly next to you on the other side.
11 :
If you like to read, reading is a good exercise also take deep breaths and think about something positive. I would be thinking about my wife, and just things we have done that make me laugh... If not I would also suggest calling around. If you have connections get a pill for anxiety or ask to speak to a nurse at your doctors office and usually they can suggest something or prescribe just one or two pills for anxiety.
12 :
I recently flew to Indianapolis from London. My connecting flight from Chicago to Indianapolis was on a shuttle plane like the one you described. Its not so was the smallest plane i've flown on..but it was kinda fun for me (but then i enjoy travelling and flying) You have to consider that you go into places smaller than the cabin on this plane every day...such as a toilet cubicle, hallways, maybe the subway or on a bus...even your own car is a pretty small place!. The flight shouldnt take too should just take an MP3 player or something....listen to some music you find relaxing and close your eyes and try to relax. Good luck with the flight :-)
13 :
I was in a similar position 10+ years ago flying from Cleveland to Detroit on a commuter jet. The best advice I can offer you is to just sit back and enjoy the ride. As nerve racking as a commuter jet can be, it is really one of the safest ways to travel so have no fear in that. Enjoy your flight and don't let it bother you too much.
14 :
"but I'd rather not mess with alcohol or dugs " . Let me congratulate you for such words ! A man who doesn't care a bout such things ; is strong man . Then why ; whith all this stromg personlity , you'r afraid of normal things in life . I guess you need 5 hours , with the shrink , to understand completly the origin of this fear .For the moment , you must say : Tens of thousands of flights ,daily ,why me ??

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