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Can you check baggage while at a connection airport (in the middle of the flight)

Can you check baggage while at a connection airport (in the middle of the flight).?
The story is: I'm surprising my wife and we are flying from Chicago to the Caribbean w/ a connection in Cincinnati (where we live). I want someone to meet me at the Cincinnati airport with my luggage which I will then check into the rest of my flight. As long as I get the luggage checked 30 minutes before the flight and am back at the gate 15 minutes before, is this allowed? I have received conflicting answers from Delta employees - has anyone ever done anything like this? I understand i'll have to re-clear security, I typically get through security in Cincinnati in about 5 minutes (I'm a CLEAR member). My wife will be traveling with me from Chicago. Unless I ruin the surprise, I won't be able to have our luggage with me in Chicago as I would have to pack it several days prior to the trip and my wife would notice her stuff missing :-) I'm leading her to believe its a short trip to Chicago and then will have one of her close friends pack up the rest of the items after we are gone... I'm not concerned about clearing security - just not positive if the ticket counter agents will accept luggage to be checked if I'm in the middle of my travel itinerary. I've heard of people rechecking their luggage following a long 10-12 hour layover, but never anything this short.
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remember if you do this you wiil have REclear secuity which can take a while maybe 45 mintues? then you would have to pay for baggage fees too another idea is for your wife to check in the bags IF you are meeting your wife at CVG then you can say in the terminal area -and then she can meet you at the gate for the flight
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This may seem obvious to you, but why have you not got your luggage at Chicago?
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Sweet thing to do - if your wife is OK with surprises :-) I have no idea, actually, but the simplest thing to do (more expensive, though), would be for your friend to just send the baggage by FedEx or UPS to your hotel in the Caribbean. That avoids the entire issue, and also removes the possibility that your arriving flight will be so late (from a weather or mechanical delay) that you would not have time to go out, meet your friend, check the bag and get back to the gate - that would be a real bummer. Hope it works out one way or another.

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