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First time traveling from CVG (cincinnati)

First time traveling from CVG (cincinnati)?
This is my first time on a plane and I will be traveling to Germany but I have a connection flight in North Carolina. My questions are how will i know where to go? And when i get off in North Carolina do they automatically put my checkd bag on the connection flight or will i have to get my bags and have them re-checkd? Thanks
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Your final destination will be Germany when you check-in in CVG. Knowing that you start in CVG, but change in CLT (Charlotte), I know that you are either on US Airways or Luftansa, they codeshare, so you are still safe; no need to re-check unless your originating airline tells you that you must. Your worry should be if your flight is delayed and if you (or your baggage) will be there at the same time.
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My questions are how will i know where to go? There are people there who will direct you, and there are clearly marked signs. You may need to walk farther than you are accustomed to. An airport is designed to move people from one point to another. They practice every day, you just need to ask for help.
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Biggest piece of advice is arrive early. Ask questions if you're not sure of anything. Depending on layover time, check in at the gate you arrive in North Carolina and ask where your gate is. The information is usually up to date but it's not a bad idea to also check a departure screen. I would go directly to your gate and ask when they are boarding. You will then know how much time you have to walk around, get something to eat etc and having been to the gate will also know where you need to go. Also, if you have any medications, cell phone, charger, passport, money, or anything else you may need if something goes wrong, make sure it is NOT in your checked bags because you won't see them again until you arrive in Germany. Good luck and enjoy.
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You shouldn't need to recheck your bag, since it is a connection in NC, as opposed to some small airport in like Africa or Asia. Make sure you arrive early though, to be on the safe side. Also, if you follow the posted signs, I'm sure you'll be able to figure out where to go.

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