Monday, March 7, 2011

my itinerary for the flights from cvg to phx and return

my itinerary for the flights from cvg to phx and return?
I made reservations on yahoo travel to phoenix az for the 24th of jan,2011 with a return to cincinnati ,oh on the 4thof feb.2011. How can I find these reservations???/
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If you are not emailed an itinerary, go to the airline's website where you purchased the tickets and check the flight times. I suggest a few days before your flight, you check your itinerary again to make sure the airlines did not change their schedule. I have flown on Delta out of CVG where they changed my flight time and the difference was as much as 6 hours.
2 :
Go to your airline's website and look for "manage my booking" or similar link. Enter the required details and you should be able to check your reservation. If you haven't received a confirmation e-mail from Yahoo Travel with your flight details and confirmation or record locator number, you had better contact them.

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