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Are my bags checked through on a flight with one stop

Are my bags checked through on a flight with one stop?
hey everyone. I am gonna book a flight from incheon, south korea to cincinnati over chicago. I will get off in chicago tho and wont get on the flight to cincinnati. i have to do this because my dogs can only be shipped to chicago due to pet embargo and i have to book the flight to cincinnati because of my orders. so i was wondering if i my bags will be checked through to cincinnati cuz that would be a problem.
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Just ask the person at the desk before you leave to not put the bags on that flight.
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Probably, yes they will be checked all the way through to your booked arrival destination. The reason is that the bags have to stay with the person transported (even though you're opting not to take the second leg.) Best bet is to arrange with the airline a solution prior to the day of flight, otherwise you risk not being able to have a solution that works for you. The last option would be to ship your bags ahead of you to your destination. More costly, but at least you'll have your belongings.

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