Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cheap Holiday flight

Cheap Holiday flight?
Ok. I want to go to Florida in the next few days (before the 4th of July) but all the flights that i have looked at so far are around $600-$700 dollars and that is way to much. I am 16 and just cannot pay for it. I want a round-trip. Any sites. Also why is it cheaper to fly from Dayton, Ohio to Orlando, Florida. Rather than Cincinnati, Ohio to Daytona? Yes. I want to fly from Cincinnati to Daytona
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1 : goodluck :)
2 :
So for clarification - you want round trip from Cincinnati, Ohio to Daytona, FL ?
3 :
I generally use . Visit this site and look for top travel deals.
4 :
try the airlines website first because they dont have to pay a booking fee to websites like orbitz so they usually have better deals. Also any airport with higher traffic is usually cheaper, at least in America.

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