Saturday, May 14, 2011

Anyone else stranded by Skybus

Anyone else stranded by Skybus?
Does anyone know of anyone else stranded mid-trip due to the stunt they pulled today? I drove an hour past the real airport to catch a flying fundraiser all the way to columbus oh from greensboro NC. I then drive two hours to Cincinnati and feel very proud of myself. Flight, rental car, gas and hotel all cost under 200 bucks. Meanwhile my "stupid" friends pay over 600 bucks because "they don't trust the 10 dollar plane." "you will probably have to pedal on a bike to turn the engine" they say... So I land and feel really good about myself...and as I pull out my cell phone to send them a text telling them how I saved a bunch of money in my geico moment... someone in the airport is saying "you know skybus just shut down." So here I am at 2 in the morning still looking for a flight home. Nothing under 800. So I have to DRIVE all the way back home. I need a hug......... or a drink. (but then I wouldn't be able to drive 8 and a half hours back home)
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Oh I'm so sorry. that sucks a lot
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I'm really sorry... I hope you get home safely! I have skybus tickets for a few weeks from now, and I don't know what's going to happen with that! I want my money back!
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yeah, we were stuck in FL but we booked with american airlines from another airport and it costs 10 tims as much, 2 hours 25 minutes notice good work
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I'm sorry to hear you were one of the people that got screwed over! If it's of any help, JetBlue and US Air are offering $50 standby flights to stranded SkyBus people. So contact the closest one (at the airport you flew in to, or the closest city) and they will be able to put you on standby.
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I was supposed to fly out May 22. Have so many things paid for/planned for. They almost made it to their first anniversary....

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