Saturday, May 21, 2011

Should I Check My Bag or Not

Should I Check My Bag or Not?
Should i check my bag i am flying from Cincinnati to New York City, then home from DC. My first flight is direct but my return flight isn't. I am scared i will lose my bag & my airline charges 25$ for the 1ST BAG But i measured my bag & think it will fit for a carry-on but i am not sure i will be gone for 4 days
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On one hand..its better safe than sorry(meaning check your bag) and on the other..well its simply convenience. You make the decision on whether or not to spare a few bucks for what i assume is important luggage. That is all it comes down to:)
2 :
If you can fit everything you need into a bag for a 4-day trip (any halfway decent packer should be able to do so) that can be carried-on, do it. It's not worth the extra $25 that you could use for something else when you know you can get away with not spending it on checking a bag that doesn't need to be checked. Besides, if you check it, it could get lost. It's not a huge chance, but it could happen. If you carry it on, you don't have to worry about anything in it breaking. Just pack smart (re: follow the rules like 3-1-1 and whatnot) and pack light (how much do you REALLY need for such a short trip?) and you'll be fine.

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