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moving to australia from the US..

moving to australia from the US..?
okay, im leaving for Australia in about 3 1/2-4 months to live. ive never been before and know as much about Australia as going to outback steak house lol.. ive done research, but i want to know the stuff people really should know about Australia,im a 20year old female moving out there with my 21 yearold best(guy) friend,i need to know anything and everything to look for,watch out for,good places to go for bars,food,shopping all of that..what are the guys/girls like..i love to play sports,so what there like. anything that someone should know. and im leaving from cincinnati,ohio.. soo not sure how long the flight will be..lol..
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If you are expecting the outback steakhouse, then don't bother coming.
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Well uhhh... where abouts in Australia are you coming? It's a fairly big place. And it depends what type of person you are. If you're the city type of person check out Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. If you want to go treking then... well there's the desert in the Northern Territory, Western Australia, Northern Queensland and South Australia. You've got Rainforests in Queensland and NSW, lots of bush land in NSW, VIC and Tasmania, beaches all along the entire coast... If you want surfing beaches then Gold Coast down to Sydney is probably your best option - like Byron Bay is really cool. If you want clear water then Whitsunday's are beautiful, that's the Great Barrier Reef. I can recommend you bars and places to go in Sydney. But that's no good if you're moving to Melbourne. Sports wise, we play very different sports to the US. We don't play your type of football - we have two types of football AFL and NRL. Which one is more popular depends where you go. We don't really play baseball or basketball. Cricket is very popular though... then there's the other stuff that everyone watches, the tennis, swimming etc. We play soccer although it's not as popular as it is in say Europe or South America, although it's growing. But really yeah, most popular sport is AFL/NRL. If you want to play sport then... well what type of sport do you like in the US, it's probably here too unless you play American Football. And um... outback steakhouse? isn't that american? The only time i went to an outback steakhouse it was american themed with US number plates everywhere and the american names for everything.
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Have you actually got a long-term visa for Australia yet? It's essential if you want to enter the country. You can't just come here because your best friend is moving here. For visas go to the Australian Government's Immigration and Citizenship website http://www.immi.gov.au If you're travelling on a US passport you can get an electronic tourist visa or, if you want to stay a bit longer (think it's 12 months) apply for a working holiday visa. Staying any longer than that will be difficult. There is plenty of information online about Australia. Try http://www.australia.com or go to your local library and get an Australian guidebook. That will give you an overview of the country and an idea of what to expect. You haven't booked your flight yet? If you leave it much later prices will be quite expensive in fact, the earlier you book the cheaper it is. Not sure what the situation is travelling from Ohio to Australia as you will probably need to get a connection in Los Angeles or San Francisco. It might be better to see a travel agent as you seem quite unsure of arrangements. But allow at least 24 hours for connections and travel.

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