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How good is Delta Airlines

How good is Delta Airlines?
I have a flight tomorrow at 11:30 to 1:08 from Cincinnati to Orlando (This is my first time ever flying). I've reseached Delta and have heard plently of negative things such as electronics being stolen and luggage being lost for weeks. I've only heard about five good things. What should I expect on the flight? Would I be allowed to take my iPod and laptop on the plane so they don't get stolen? How long should I expect the flight to be delayed? I'm just super worried right now. Thanks for answering these questions! -Jesse Thanks! I'll try to check the flight. I'm going to bed within 10 minutes so... The flight is currently on-time but a Tornado Warning just passed through Southern Ohio... Yeah, sorry. I couldn't remember the exact time. Sorry.
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just go with a different airlines! wen i used delta, i waited in the airport for 12 hours. but i was also on stand-by so it mite be different
2 :
Unfortunately, lost luggage and electronics happen on every flight. I've flown Delta and I liked it a lot, considering I usually fly Northwest and Continental. The seats are quite nice and the flight attendants are nice too. They will give you beverages and light snacks (pretzels most likely). And yes, you will be allowed to take your iPod and laptop. They want you to bring them on there as they won't get banged up. You have to put your laptop in the overhead bin until you're given the all clear to take it down. Keep an eye on your electonics and you should be just fine. None of my stuff has ever been stolen and I've been flying for many years. And flight delays? Since its less than 24 hours before your flight takes off, check in online and check the final timetables. They'll tell you if your flight is delayed. Check the weather too in Cincinnati and Orlando. If there is any bad weather then the flight will be delayed. It depends solely on the weather and whats going on. Based on experience of delayed flights, they can last up to 1-4+ hours. Just relax. Flying is quite fun and its not as scary as lots of people explain it. I always have fun travelling. Enjoy your flight. Hope this helped.
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All airlines suck in some respect, but Delta has a pretty good on-time record, and a very good record for safety. To Aninie, if you were on standby, a 12 hour wait is about average for any busy airline. I fly Delta, or Southwest whenever I have a choice. Be careful about US Air. Don't worry, I bet you will have a great time!
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When u f'ly as many millions of people as Delta does, some will have problems. And yes bring your laptop and Ipod with u, Delays cant be predicted unless there is bad weather Are you sure it is an 1130 flight? EDIT a tornado warning will be over by then and a tornado watch in itself shouldnt cause delays, if things get worse they will. But that will affect all the other airlines too. In Cinci you dont have many choices other than Delta, and Delta will be best equipped to handle delays as they are the biggest carrier there. I looked and only an 1105 flight that gets in at 108pm. Maybe you want to double check the time. For the record the 1105a flight is on time 70 to 79% of the time
5 :
I live in Cincinnati so Delta is pretty much the airline everyone flies. The airline's service is hit-or-miss. Some of my experiences have been pleasant while others have not been so pleasant. The airline's baggage mishandle rate is not that high unless you fly a feeder carrier such as Comair or Atlantic Southeast. You can bring your iPod and laptop on the airplane and I would recommend that you do versus checking those items in. Cincinnati is not too bad compared to New York or Chicago in terms of delays. There will be delays if there is a big thunderstorm or if there is a lot of snow.

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