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Help regarding flights

Help regarding flights?
Basically, i'm going on my first long distance flight from London Heathrow to Orlando. However, this involves 2 stops en route and a change of airline. My journey starts off at Heathrow flying to Paris (with AIRFRANCE), then from Paris to Cincinnati (with AIRFRANCE), and finally, from Cincinnati to Orlando (with DELTA). What I need to know is do I have to collect my luggage at each airport?....and do i need to check my luggage in again with the second airline? So confused, any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks. This is the first leg of my journey, i also have to do 2 stops on the way back!! I payed £442 for these return flights. Is this a reasonable price? Also, i did want a direct return flight but could not find any under £500.. its probally to late to do anything about it now, but is there any direct return flights around the £400-£500 region. Thanks.
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Wow! That is a crazy schedule, considering you can go non-stop from London on Virgin and a few other airlines. You will go through Customs & Immigration in Cincinnati, there you will claim your bags and then re-check them for your connecting flight to Orlando. Your bags should be tagged all the way to Orlando, but with that many connections, I honestly would say, don't be surprised if they don't make it there with you, especially since you are changing Airlines. Even though they are partnered airlines, interline baggage changes are low priority. So if you get to CVG (Cincinnati) with your bag, I would be surprised. But a lot of times, it's the connections from Customs that misconnect. Make sure you take a carry on with toiletries and at least a few days changes of clothes just in case your bag is delayed along the way. (I worked in Baggage Service and see that it happens often) Feel free to message me if you need any more advise or have questions and I hope you enjoy your flights. **UPDATE** It depends on when you booked your trip honestly and how you booked it. Double connections sometimes can save you some money. Considering the sales that have been going on lately, I would say that price is average to slightly more than the fares are posting now. In other words it's decent, but I've seen it lower for more direct flights. Just a quick search for random dates, I'm finding £409 with just 1 stop and just slightly over £500-£800 for non-stop from LGW. When you get to the ticket counter, ask them if you would qualify for a "Same Day Confirm" on a more direct flight. Since it's Air France, you will have all of the codeshare partners, like Delta, and possibly you can eliminate one of your connections. Depending on your particular fare, you *may* be able to qualify for reroute on a more direct itinerary. If you change it now, you will be subject to the change fee's plus the difference in the fare, however, if you ask the day of departure, you could be able to do so for a smaller fee. But for future reference, always try flying from LGW if you can, it's usually cheaper than LHR and you have more direct options for getting to the US and usually far cheaper. Again, because of the multiple connections, make sure you are prepared with your carry-on to have a few days worth of clothes and anything you will need immediately when you arrive. Don't pack medication or important documents in your checked luggage, just in case your bags are delayed arriving in MCO. If you get there and your bags don't, the airline will deliver them to wherever you are staying as soon as they arrive, free of charge.
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When you check in the first time, ask the person who is checking in your bags. They are the best ones to check the journey and where to send your bags, and which points to collect them.

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