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math homework help? algebra 2

math homework help? algebra 2?
1. in 1998 an airline offered a special airfare of $201 to fly from Cincinnati to Washington, D.C, a distance of 386 mi. Special airfares offered for longer flights increased by about $.138 per mi. Write a linear model for the special airfares "a" based on the total number of miles "t" of the flight. Estimate the airfare offered for a flight from Boston to Sacramento, a distance of 2629 mi. 2. The velocity of sound in dry air increases as the temp increases. At 40 degC sound travels at a rate of about 355 meters per sec. Write a linear model 4 the velocity "v" (in meters per sec) of sound based on the temp "T" (in degrees Celcius). Then estimate the velocity of sound at 60 Degrees C. 3. When the length of a rectangle is fixed, the area "A" (in sq in) of the rectangle varies directly with its width "w" (in inches). When the wdth of a particular rectangle is 12 in, its area is 36 sq in. Write an equation that gives "A" as a funtion of "w". Then find "A" when "w" is 7.5 inches. thx
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This is homework *help*; all you've done is post your homework. Let us know where you're stuck, and we'll help you over the hard spot.

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