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What is best way to travel by air with painful cancer

What is best way to travel by air with painful cancer?
My wife is Chinese, living in Cincinnati Ohio, and she has advanced and painful liver cancer although at this time she could tolerate a long flight. She would like to return Beijing from the U.S. 1. I am wondering whether First Class or some other combination of seats would be best for her. (She needs to stretch out and keep her feet up.) She is 5 feet tall and weighs about 110 pounds. 2. If we buy seats for about 10 days from now, and she is unable to fly due to her sickness, are we entitled to a refund on her ticket and that of a relative? 3. Does anyone have tips on how to get the most economical seats for a direct flight. Some first class tickets go for $7-$8,000. (We have relatives in Los Angeles and we can fly there and have her rest before flying to China if necessary. Or we can take her to Detroit or Chicago for direct flights from those cities). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, JD
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You should take her to 1st Class.

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