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First time flyer with questions

First time flyer with questions?
I'm a first time flier departing from Buffalo with a layover in Cincinnati then to Dallas Fort Worth. do i have to check my bag at Cincinnati or will it automatically get moved to my Dallas plane? how do i know where to pick up my luggage? how much does it cost to check a bag? or is it included in the ticket price. I'll be using Delta Airlines for this leg of my trip. on my return flight i'll be flying out of Dallas Fort Worth with a layover in Philadelphia before i hop a plane back to Buffalo. I'll be using US Airlines for the return trip. Can anyone answer my questions and maybe give me an opinion on those airlines or any other general advice for a first time flier.
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Your bags will be transferred automatically from one plane to the other, so don't worry about that. Upon your final decent into DFW the flight attendant usually makes an announcement as to which carousel you can claim your bags. If not, when you get to baggage claim, there should be monitors displaying arriving flight with corresponding baggage carousel numbers. Personally, I'm not a fan of Delta. If it's your first flight, then you wont have anything to compare it to, so it will probably seem ok. I'm not a big fan of US Airways either, but they are a partner airline with United (my domestic favorite) so I end up flying with them occasionally. I prefer US Airways to Delta, only because I can earn United miles on US Airways. Make the best of your travel experience. Have fun, and be safe! I hope this helps.

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