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I was rejected by Michigan State what should I do now

I was rejected by Michigan State what should I do now?
Well i applied to MSU and currently attending Univ of Cincinnati. I was at a smaller school my first quarter (current freshman) and got a 4.0. Then transferred to UC and got a 3.8 and now im in my 3rd and final quarter before summer. I wanted to transfer to MSU and applied in Feb. They finally sent me a decision letter stating although i have shown that i can succeed in college i have not taken some of their integrative studies classes. Here is an outline for their "stated coursework" I have taken chemistry, both writing courses, the math requirements, music apprec., currently taking calc, psyc, human sex, and financial acct. I am fairly angry at this. I was hoping to go to a flight school up there in the summer. However now i need to take these classes i guess. I was looking at taking them at the community college up there so ican attend the flight school there as well. Sorry for the long post. Advice? Thnk Wow all of you guys have helped a lot. Looks like i will call them and see and if it comes to it visit the place and speak with a counselor personally. As far as moving on. University/college is a institution of higher education. Education of life and knowledge. I feel that michigan state can offer me the best of both worlds. After attending two different schools and visiting many i feel this is it.
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blow it up =/
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You could talk to an advisor who then either gives you a waiver or presents your case to the higher board. There are chances of getting into school even if you lack some classes, just don't give up. Happened to me and they accepted me afterwards.
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try again.... maybe you don't have enough hours? what major did you apply for? maybe try applying undecided
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Don't get angry, go talk to someone in person. When I was turned down by every college I applied to after leaving a pretty good on probation, I picked one (the one I was most familiar with, my mother's alma mater) asked for an appointment and drove out. It took about 5 minutes to get admitted on probation with terms I was sure I could live with - taking summer courses to fill in holes and prove grades, which I did, coming off probation at end of summer. In your case, you are trying to accomplish two major goals (flight school and college) in what has now become a limited time frame. You may not be able to do it. But you can certainly discuss with the college what your options might be to make it work - basically ask for help. It may involve taking an extra course in the fall, taking what would be a fall course in the summer as an evening course while going to flight school and taking one of the "integrative studies" in the fall because in summer it is only offered during the day, etc.
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Why Michigan State? Is there a program that you HAVE to take in order to succeed in life? Not to be harsh, however, move on. You've wasted enough time. Michigan state is not the only University in the world. Keep to the following formula: 1) Pick your career 2) Pick the major or program that best suits the career 3) Find a school that will teach you the major or program.

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