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I can't decide between these 2 dresses

I can't decide between these 2 dresses?
I saw a Maggie Sottero dress I love - just love. It's very expensive though. I would also need to take a 2hr flight to go fit the sample and then wait 4months for the dress. It is really beautiful to me though. Here it is: Now I found a dress on a 2nd hand site that looks very similar to this Ella dress and will cost me less that half of what Ella costs. I also wouldn't need to travel as far and would get it immediately. It's an Enzoani gown and it's original cost was the same as the Ella gown. Here it is: Should I buy my dream gown (1st one) and try to sell it afterwards to get some money back; or should I compromise and go for one I don't like AS much but is pretty close in design?
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1 :
Truthfully. I like the first one. Which is the one I think you should get. Considering it is your dream dress. I'm assuming you are getting married. It's your day, and a very big day. you shouldn't get other peoples opinions, Be happy with what you decide to choose. because in the long run you will regret not choosing the one you wanted in the first place!
2 :
My advice would be to buy the Enzoani gown. It really is quite similiar to the Maggie Sottero and very, very beautiful. The price is less than half and you'd be saving a bundle by not taking a two hour flight (four hours round trip?) to acquire the gown. A local tailor (or maybe a skillful friend) could help you with any needed tailoring. Besides, then you could sell the Enzoani after the wedding and laugh all the way to the bank! In this day and age, that would be a marvelous achievement and I believe you would be very happy with your decision.
3 :
Wow, I can't believe how close the two designs actually are. I think the accent/jeweling details on the Sottero make it the prettier of the two, so if money were no object I'd do the Sottero. But if you do that, you probably won't recompense that much on the resale, and it won't happen overnight. If you really want to save a few $$, and you're sure you can work with the size on the used dress, there's nothing wrong with that. If you think you will regret for years not going with the dream dress, I'd go with the heart on this one and not the purse.
4 :
I would go try on #2, and if I liked it, I'd buy it on the spot. If I wasn't sold on it after trying it on, I'd consider checking out #1, even if it involves some travel.
5 :
That first dress is stunning! The second dress is not as beautiful. Get the first one. I don't think you will regret it. If you buy the second I think you will always wish you'd gone for your dream dress. I wouldn't tell myself I'd be getting money back by selling the first dress after the wedding. You never know what will happen on that. If your budget allows you to get that first dress, even if it does make things a bit tight, get that one and just enjoy it! Hopefully, this is your one and only wedding. Get the dress you love.
6 :
I like the Sottero one better :)
7 :
my pick out of the two would be easily the first one, but that's just my preferable style. try on what you can afford and are also comfy in that you think looks the best on you. people can say one or two but until you them on, you wont know what will suit you the best. good luck and have an awesome wedding :)
8 :
Hoestly I like the second one more. I think it's more elegant looking and not as heavy. Much more romantic. But it's your day and you need to do what makes YOU happy. If the first dress is what you've always dreamed of then get it. But don't be afraid to change your mind if you find something you like more.
9 :
Go for the first one, it's your wedding day and you deserve to spoil yourself. It really is an amazing dress and will probably sell second hand for quite a lot too.
10 :
the first one is beautiful i dont care for the 2nd one.
11 :
I'd go with the 2nd choice...for me...the wedding is about marrying that expensive dress needed nor desired. Hell, my dress that I'm marrying in cost $89.
12 :
Go with what you want, worry about what to do with it and getting money back later. If you buy this other dress, either later down the road before the wedding you will be royally pissed at yourself and might even end up going and buying the one you really wanted, or you might just end up hating your wedding pictures all because of the dress. Go with what you want :) Make yourself happy. The one thing you don't compromise on, your dress.
13 :
No no no dear, you don't take a flight to try on a sample! You stay in town and go to stores near you. I wanted an alfred angelo gown but the only sample was over 2 hours from where I live, so I just brought a pic of it to a bridal shop near where I live and the store owner showed me a sample by another designer that was exactly the same! In fact it was $200 cheaper. Ask your married friends where they got their gowns and make appointments at those shops for a start. There's no need to fly anywhere to buy a gown, nor should you buy online. Wedding attire is too important to buy on the internet!
14 :
No. 1 is better. Or at least the model is sexier. I don't know.
15 :
In the photos they're so similar, but on you they could look very different. I think you need to try them on and see which one feels best.
16 :
I just bought a Maggie dress, so you could say I'm a little biased. But I tried on a LOT of dresses, and the quality of the Maggie Sottero dresses were unmatched. I would hate for you to not get your dream dress, then regret it later because of a couple hundred dollars.
17 :
I think first is good but not fixed its up to you that what you like, whats your favorite color to wear the dress.
18 :
Honestly, I think you should stop looking online and start going to shoppes. I fell in love with a few dresses online but there were even nicer or at least AS nice dresses in the boutique I went to. I bout my Maggie Sottero dress on clearance for only $300 (it is discontinued and I never would have found it online) My dress: I really recommend trying local stores before booking any flights!!

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