Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Okay, i'm just wondering if anyone realized this

Okay, i'm just wondering if anyone realized this?
I just watched 9/11- In Plane Site, and it had me wondering. i never thought of the 9-11 attacks to be a conspiracy, and this has got me very interested in one single question. now everything has 2 stories, so don't get all hypocritical and keep an opened mind Now in the documentary David VonKleist states that the planes were actually not passenger planes, (as with many eye witnesses), but government air crafts. And there was a report by a Cincinnati Ohio news team that an unidentified plane needed to make an emergency landing because it was suspected there was bombs aboard the plane. And after the plane landed, it was identified as Flight 93. Now.... If the 9-11 attacks were actually government air crafts then what happend to the passengers they said were on those planes? LISTEN! Im just saying that IF, and im saying IF IF IF IF, where would those people be if it was fake?
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Well, it is proof that David VonKleist had too many "mushrooms" on his pizza.
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Look, I knew people on those planes. I flew on those exact planes probably hundreds of times. Stop with the conspiracy theories. Those were real live human beings that went through hell, torture, and a horrible death.
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This debate will go on forever. It's like "Who really shot JFK"? We will never get a definitive answer to either question.
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I don't believe it is true, but I will answer the if. If it was a government cover up, they planes were destroyed and the people were taken away and killed and dumped. A friend of mine's father flew a private jet on 9/11. He said it was another leer jet that was seen over the crash site. It was sent to confirm that the plane had crashed. If the government had shot it down, I think they would have admitted it because at that point it would have been the best option.

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