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How do I fly stand-by

How do I fly stand-by?
I have a flight scheduled at 4:50 p.m., flying non-stop from Richmond directly to Cincinnati on July 2nd, returning on July 6th. However, I no longer have school on that day (I didn't know that would be the case until after I booked my flight). There are 2 other flights, one at 11:25 and the other at 2:05. Could I show up early and try to fly stand-by on one of those? I know I might have to pay an additional fee, but as long as it wasn't outrageously expensive to do so I wouldn't mind. I'm flying Delta
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Two Simple answers YES and NO. Each airline allows it or doesn't allow it. I don't understand why you chose to keep the airline a secret so no one can give you a more specific answer, but I assure you one of my answers are correct.
2 :
It is a gamble at any time to fly stand-by. If you have a flight to Cincinnati and back booked,use them.Otherwise you may be sitting in the airport,for the next flight. That is the drawback to flying stand-by no guaranteed seat.
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Flying stand by is a pain and not always dependable espcially if you have somewhere you need to be. My dad used to work for an airline and i live across country so i would do it whenever i wanted to visit them, but more than not, it was a hassle... I say buy a ticket so you have a confirmed seat unless you're very patient.
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call the airline and check. my kids and I always fly stand-by b/c my boyfriend works for an airline company. it's a big risk and sometimes a hassle (for us especially b/c we hardly ever all sit together and have even been split between two flights just to get where we are going). but the offset in cost is worth it to me-we are flying to Chicago next month and we saved about 500 bucks on all of the tickets flying stand by. since you already have a guaranteed flight, I don't know if delta will allow you to change-if they do, I think it's an additional 100 bucks to change (for us airways it's 125). call the airline and ask what the fees are...
5 :
sure you can try! Go for the first one and see what happens. Check in at 10 or so, tell the agent you want to stand by for the 11.25, if flight is empty s/he may give you boarding pass right away, if not you get put on standby list, sit at gate and wait/watch for your name...bring books & food in case you have to wait for the 4.50!

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